Monday, September 28, 2015

Kickoff Week for FIRST Jr. STEAM Ahead!

Here are notes from Legoman Dan about the kickoff week in our fourth grade classrooms in the Manchester School District:

"Week one is over and the great unknown has been breached. I am sure some of you felt like the Pilgrims as they landed on that beach in 1620. But instead of Native Americans, you had 4th graders charging you with boxes of robot parts.  The best part is, unlike the Pilgrims we had no casualties, more proof of how amazing you all are and the great work you did.  For those returning teachers and mentors I love the energy you brought to the class this week.

Today I will be editing videos for next week's programming sessions, and I will be at FIRST for a training session so I will not be on-site.

I have attached the most recent list of mentors so please review your spot as we had a few people need to change dates, and we added a few new mentors.

In addition there is a new discussion question under the group section of Schoology for both Mentors and teachers to complete.

I leave you with this image from Mrs. Tarbell’s class as we STEAM Ahead."

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