Wednesday, July 15, 2015

20 Proactive Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers

20 Proactive Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers

  1. Give on-going, honest feedback to all students;
  2. Circulate throughout the classroom and maintain proximity with all students;
  3. Be consistent and fair;
  4. Make students aware of changes in routine(s);
  5. Do not change classroom rules—maintain consistency with all students;
  6. Know your students’ strengths and weak areas;
  7. Embrace the “power” of a phone call home;
  8. Focus on the positive;
  9. Keep notes about students to get to know them better;
  10. Meet and greet students at the classroom door;
  11. Maintain a positive classroom… do not complain about students;
  12. Help students see that their future will be positive; show them that you are confident in their ability;
  13. Give students the responsibility to make a better choice;
  14. Teach common respect;
  15. Take the disruptive student away from his/her “audience”;
  16. Use humor to stop disruption;
  17. Have high expectations of all students;
  18. Over plan highly engaging lessons;
  19. Promote positive self-awareness and acceptance of every member of the classroom;
  20. Start fresh every day.
Source: Edutopia, 2015
Source: Edutopia, 2015
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