Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Manchester's Innovative Focus on Instruction

Innovative Way Our Principals Focus on Instructional Leadership

Principals are key to promoting effective instruction in every classroom.  Research has shown that school improvement happens when a principal is an instructional leader, builds leadership capacity in staff,  and cultivates a professional learning community in which responsibilities are shared.   The principals’ role is so essential in student success in schools that the only other factor is the quality of teaching.
Over the years, the principal role have changed.  There are many management tasks and responsibilities as well as interruptions in a principal's daily schedule. As a result of this increase in management responsibilities, principals spend the bulk of their time on administrative tasks – and only about one-third of their time on professional learning for staff and effective feedback for teachers.
The National SAM Innovation Project – SAM stands for School Administration Manager – is an innovative time management system that many of our principals and staff have been trained in.  The SAM process ensures the principal’s focus is on instructional improvement.  This process also provides efficient, effective, and quick response to students, staff and parents.
Our principals have seen an increase in their time spent in classroom double since beginning the SAM process. This will have a positive impact on student and staff learning.

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