Sunday, August 3, 2014

NH Summer Summit for Educators July 30-August 1

Three inspirational days with 57 motivated teachers, leaders from Manchester, and presenters from the state of NH and country, to learn about what is happening in:  Accountability and Assessment Systems, Student Educator Relationships, Leveraging Leadership, and Rethinking Schools.  The Summit began with Commissioner Barry setting the foundation for our journey in education in NH.

Commissioner Barry's opening remarks:
The 4 C's

Communication, Collaboration, Coherence, and Caring
As educators, communicating, at every level, in a respectful way is so important.  "Collaboration" is key working with leaders, teachers, policy makers, and the community.  There needs to be "coherence" in what we do across pre-K to graduate school to ensure every child receives the best education possible.  The last "C" is for "Caring".  We need to care about one another, in all that we do.

At the close of the summit, one teacher shared that he feels inspired and to dream again! He was so energized by all he had learned and experienced at the summit that he will try new ways of engaging and stretching students' and his own learning this school year.

We can dream and turn our dreams into action, together, as we move forward in educating our children for the future.

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